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Floral Bomber

Jacket c/o / Tank / Pants / Heels / Bag / Necklace /
I am a sucker for a cute bomber.  My bomber collection is growing so fast.
What I love best about this bomber is it’s light weight and perfect for Spring and Summer. Read More »

Dedication to Sammich

Monday we lost our Sammich.  Something caused him to run into the road and he was hit by a car.
I had planned to post a recipe today but felt like I needed to remember Sam.

The first Habitat location my husband built a home in there were a ton of feral cats.  Usually the cats stayed away from the people, but on occasion they would find one inside a house.  One sunny day my husband was sitting on a newly built deck eating his sandwich when this tiny little white kitten came up to him.  B pulled out some meat and held it for the kitten.  He walked up and gobbled it up.  Each day my husband would sit down to eat lunch and this little guy would come around.  This is how he got his name, Sammich. Read More »

Lesson’s with an Accountant “Debt”

Welcome back to my monthly series “Lessons with an Accountant”
Today’s lesson is “Debt”
Disclaimer: I am an Accountant but not a CPA, please consult your CPA before making any financial decisions.Debt is a hard and stressful thing!
Drowning in Debt is an all too common phrase.
So how do we have Healthy Debt vs. Bad Debt?  Of course we have to start somewhere……Like the definition.

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Banana Button Down

Happy Friday dolls!  Today is my wonderful Husband’s birthday!
Happy B-Day B!  I love you.Button Down / Pants / Wedges / Purse / Earrings /
When I wear this shirt I think of the Minion’s Movie!  “BANANA”  It makes me smile.
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Exploring Carrboro

You requested more exploring posts.  Here is my town Carrboro NC, where you are likely to spot a hippy and have an amazing meal!

 My husband and I did not plan to move to Carrboro. We were pleasantly surprised by the town. Back up a little we were looking for a place to rent and came across our little country house.  Slowly we ventured further and further into town.  We tried the locally owned restaurants and found the food was amazing.  The little shops have many local artists.  All in all we love our little town. So I thought I would share a few of our favorite spots to visit.

Start your day checking out the old railroad cars at Cross Ties!  Have a good meal in a fun location.  There is ample parking and you can walk around to some cool shops.  Hands down a fun place to go. Read More »

Getting Dressed with Cladwell

Recently I learned of an app that is making my life easy!
Cladwell App
(this is Not a sponsored post)
Basically it’s your whole closet in an app, then based on the day of the week and weather 3 outfit options are given to you.
Yes, you can select your own outfit from the thousand possibles in your closet.  As you can see I have 28K possible outfits!  For me this really puts things into perspective.  I have so much in my wardrobe!

Up front, this app does have a monthly recurring fee of $7.99.  You do get a 3 day free trial. Read More »

Crochet Chic

Top / Pants / Wedges / Clutch Read More »