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Christmas Eve with Fab’rik

I hope you had a great Christmas and it wasn’t stressful!
Usually my hubby does an amazing job at Christmas picking out things for me.  There is always a surprise in the mix!  This year he was having a hard time and didn’t like what I had on my list so he came to me and said “I don’t know what you really like anymore.  Could I just take you shopping? We can go right now.”  Um YES! So we went to the only place I know wouldn’t stress him out….Fab’rik!  That should be their new moto!  “Amazing clothes for Women, Stress free shopping for Men!”

We were the only customers in there and I was having a ball picking items to try on.  The sweet sales lady offered him a beer (which he loved).  He found a magazine and a seat, sipped his beer and waited for me to do a fashion show.  This top was the first I fell in love with!

This is what I wore to see my mom after Christmas.

Top – Fab’rik / Leggings / Boots / Hat / Lip Nars Madere and GC Butter Cream
After shopping we went for lunch.  Honestly the BEST Christmas Eve I have had in a while!
Besides the obvious (color blocking) I am head over heels in love with this top!  The length is perfect for leggings and the weight of the top is ideal for a southern “winter”.  I look better in a tailored top, but it’s hard to find that type that’s long enough for leggings.  I picked up a second top which I will show you later but I wanted to seriously talk about how amazing Fab’rik is!  Their clothing is top notch with affordable prices.  The ladies who work there aren’t pushy but extremely helpful!  The whole experience is one I thought only super rich people get to enjoy.  So Thank You ladies at Fab’rik in Chapel Hill!  You never disappoint!

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