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Hey Now, Hey Now…da da

Ever have a sleepless night and think of the strangest things?
As I sit typing this at 4am the song “My Boyfriends Back” is running through my head.
Maybe because after a completely insane week last week I am back and better than ever!!  Yay!

I have to say it I’m glad December is almost over!  I have worked every single day this month! Yup I will be working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Why oh why do I do this to myself????
I plan to take a nice long weekend in January.
This outfit is so comfortable and perfect for a low key Christmas Eve!  We don’t have much family close so it’s just my husband and I.  Which honestly is alright with us. The less stress the better.  I always have fun sending gifts to my nephews and can go a little over board sometimes.  Hey who’s going to check in on me when I am old and in a home?  No that’s not the only reason, but it doesn’t hurt to be the favorite Aunt! lol
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