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Hiding Things

I battle with my weight on a daily basis!  I work two jobs and try to eat healthy but find sometimes I don’t have resources or time to do so.  I am about 15-20lbs over my “usual” weight.  My pants don’t fit and I refuse to purchase new pants.  Solution Leggings!  I have about 5 pair and wear them on a daily basis because they fit.  Funny thing is my husband doesn’t know when I get a new pair because they are all black!  I honestly don’t know how to loose this weight.  Good thing is I have hit a peak and am not gaining any more.  I just want to feel good in my clothes!  Is that too much to ask?  I have my mother’s body type and gain weight in my stomach, butt, and upper thighs.  I have learned how to dress so the weight isn’t obvious.  Sadly though when I wear jeans and other pants they cut into my stomach when I sit (which is most of my day).  It is very uncomfortable. 
Do you battle with weight?  Have you found a realistic way to loose weight?  If so PLEASE share!
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