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Something about all this rain and cold makes me want to curl up in my sweats!
I try very hard to dress nicely each day but sometimes it’s a challenge.  Which doesn’t work well when your a fashion blogger!  LOL – here is a recap of my IG lately and where some of the items are found.

similar Sweater / Bracelet
What a week!!!  Thank you for reading and continuing to come back to my blog!  Honestly this is my outlet and knowing you enjoy it makes it that much more fun to write!!
I’m hoping to get some cute Holiday pictures this weekend and start giving you some party outfits!

Confession time!!!!  I have unsubscribed to ALL sales emails!!!  I know how can a fashion blogger know about what’s going on in fashion when she doesn’t get a million emails a day?  Well I will tell you this – I am a Shopaholic.  Yes, My name is Lee, and I’m a Shopaholic.  It’s hard to admit, but admitting is the first step!  I am trying so very hard to make my money count and with the pressure of sales emails I just wasn’t able to control myself.  So in an effort to have a more fabulous wardrobe I have unsubscribed from sales emails (except Target, Ulta, and Sephora – Duh).  One goal is that I spend less money and become completely debt free in 2015!!!

With that said,  head over to my IG page!!!  I am part of a Loop Giveaway (ehm $300!!)
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