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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Being it is just my husband and I we don’t put up a tree.  Don’t feel sad for us…..1 We don’t have children, 2 We live in a very small house, 3 We have kitties that love to climb trees and it’s a disaster in the making.  It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing trees decorated!  On my daily walk around where I work I stumbled upon a tiny tree ‘lot’ and this huge decorated tree!  I was over the moon to see it and it really brightened my otherwise glum day!
Can I just say how much I am loving pale pink these days?  It’s hard to see but this sweater is the perfect pale pink and with MAC Saint Germain lip color to match I was in pink heaven!  When I feel down or am having a hard time I like to wear colors that make me feel pretty, pink is my go to color for that.
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