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Rainy Day Blues

Fleece / Vest / Pants / Scarf gift
Bare with me a moment while I unload my day.  Our female cat has an abscess on her stomach that opened, so we have been cleaning her up as best as possible.  Going to the vet tomorrow, God willing it won’t break the bank.  It was suppose to stop raining and didn’t yesterday which made me aggravated that I didn’t wear my rain boots. Ok, nuf of that!!  Good news is I am done with two class’!!  Woot Woot. 
Today I am wearing the scarf my oldest nephew picked out for me.  I love that it’s infinity and has this cute fringe!  Sadly with the rain my picture’s turned out off so you can’t see just how cool it is!  Also, let me take a moment to comment on how much I love the South!  I mean how often in December can you wear a fleece with a vest and be on the warm side!  BTW – this fleece is $10 at Target this week (in stores)!  Yup – go now, you can thank me later.
Thank goodness today is Hump day and this week is half over!  Next week won’t be too crazy!
I only have myself to blame for Tuesday!   My day went – Full Time job, run home to check on my cat before my final class with test, then meet a friend for coffee, and finally rushing to my PT job (what’s up with people thinking they are in bumper cars when it rains?)  Ok, now I’m really done!
Thanks for the scarf nephew of mine!  Love you and Miss you!
Oh and Santa said you were good this year 😉
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