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School and Cold Weather Blues

OMG I am so sorry.  I totally suck as a blogger!  School has started back and hard…..The weather has been cold and rainy…..So I have NO outfit pics!  I am terribly sorry.
What I do have to share with you is my weekend/week according to my iPhone!  I do wish my life was just like IG!
My client on Saturday had lunch with her family, so I got to wait in Southern Season Cafe’ for her to finish.  Which gave me time to sip on some white tea, have a coffee cup shaped cookie, and re-read 50 Shades of Grey!  Hello the movie is coming out 2/14!!  Can’t wait to see it!

This is me heading to an IG Ladies Brunch in Raleigh.  I got very few shots of my outfit because I didn’t feel 100% that morning, but I knew once I got there ate a little and had a cocktail I would be fine. lol.  Anyhow, I love how perfect my hair curled and wearing “Rebel”!
I finally got to meet two ladies I follow on IG as well as read their Blogs!!!  So much fun learning from them and discussing life!
These amazing ladies were sitting across from me and were hilarious in conversations!  These ladies are local and actually know some of the same people as me!  Small World!
We ate at Bu-Ku.  The buffet was so tasty!  Not sure I would go back on my own though, I just don’t enough at a buffet to warrant paying the price.  Notice the adorable IG name tags!!!
My second course was Belgian Waffles with a mixture of Strawberry and Apple Syrup!  YUM.  I ate my of my bacon waiting for the Waffle! lol
Once home Sunday I watched E! Red Carpet of the Golden Globes.  This was my favorite of all the dress’!  She was just regal and stunning in it.
Here we are to Monday – back to school with a bathroom selfie.  It was pouring rain and cold.  I wore my favorite rain coat, MK rain boots, and my tote which held my books.  Sadly the coat was a find 5 years ago and I haven’t seen anything similar since (at least that I would pay or recommend).  Oh – the hat saved me in the down pour cause I forgot my umbrella!  UGH.
Thanks for reading and I hope to get back on track very soon!  If you want any links just comment below.