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Versailles 1973 Fashion Show (the documentary)

Thursday night I had the pleasure of seeing a one time showing of “American Runway Revolution” a documentary about the 1973 Versailles fashion show.

The Versailles curator, Gerald Van der Kemp, approached Eleanor Lambert about raising money to restore the Palace.  Eleanor decided to hold a fashion show with 5 French designers and 5 American designers.  The media dubbed it “The Battle of Versailles”.

Liza performed “Bonjour, Paris” and brought the house down!
The American Designers were: Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, Halston,Bill Blass,and Anne Klein (all pictures are of these designers)
The French Designers were: Yves Sainy Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Emanual Ungaro,Christian Dior, and Hubert de Givenchy
The documentary said it was completely crazy getting ready for the show and the French designers wouldn’t give the American designers time to rehearse.  Which in the end worked out!  As the French fashion show lasted 2 hours and was an over the top fashion “circus” with all kinds of things going on and the models were a back drop.
When the American’s began their show it lasted 30 minutes (yup ALL 5 designers in total).  The models wowed the audience with never before seen elegance and grace.  They walked the stage (much like what we see today) with attitude and moved like dancers.  The 700 guests were hollering and throwing their (expensive) programs in the air.  This fashion show changed the future of all fashion shows along with how American fashion was viewed.  Up until then American’s were looked down upon by other countries for our ready-to-wear style.
of course I had to be decked out for this movie!  I was so excited to have my friend Zil accompany me!  It was so eye opening and informative!  Take a moment and do a google search about The Battle of Versailles Fashion Show!