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Arsenic and Old Lace

When I was in High School (we won’t say how long ago) my English teacher had us watch the movie Arsenic and Old Lace.  Well I went home and told my parents how much I liked the movie and understood why my teach had us watch it.  My father was so excited that I was excited about something in school that he tracked down the movie and purchased it.  He and I use to watch it regularly together and to this day when it comes on TCM I curl up and watch it (with tissue).  Somehow I feel closer to my dad when I watch movies we enjoyed together (he passed 14 years ago).  Anyhow, I was working with my pictures for this post and was playing with the word Lace and it made me think of the movie and my dad.
Leggings / Booties / Duster – Fab’rik last season / Scarf

We have a saying in NC “If you don’t like the weather, wait a day”.  LOL 
Sunday it was almost 73 degrees.  Monday it went to 65 and rained in the afternoon.
Tuesday (the day of these pics) it was 49 and rainy.
I was hell bent on Not wearing a coat!  So I grabbed this blanket scarf and made a shawl.
I have discovered I am Not Odd!  LOL I have more friends on the internet (like Carylee from More Pieces of Me), however there are a few local bloggers I know who invite me to events.  GASP! Someone likes me…  it’s SO hard finding friends at my age without having kids.  
so Attention – All 30 something married ladies who Don’t have kids in NC please reach out to me!
Anyhow, my one (of few) gal pal Molly from Still Being Molly invited me to an oil party.
Ok clean your mind please!  *giggle* we used natural oils to make Valentine’s gifts for our men!
Natural Bath Salts.  Linen Spray.  Natural Lube.
let it sink in
Yup Lube!  It’s so funny to me that women are still nervous to talk about sex.
I didn’t grow up close to my sister and didn’t talk about sex with my best-friend.  I talked about it with my current lover……OMG yes I had lover’s…..Plural…
Anyhow, a few years ago my best-friend (S.O. – yup you girly) and I started a convo and found we didn’t feel odd talking to each other.  She wasn’t close with her sister’s either and it was odd navigating at first but I tell you there is Nothing better in the world than having a convo that’s open!
SO – back to topic.  This Lube is natural!  Meaning it’s not sticky like KY!  Which I HATE KY! I don’t know about you but I don’t want to feel like a Shower is necessary after sex!
I will tell you this – I rubbed the Lube on my hands and it absorbed and didn’t irritate!
Now to try it for real with my Hubby!  Hoping his ribs have healed enough that he won’t be in pain.
Happy Early Valentine’s Day!
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