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Home Make-Over

So sometimes things get broken in my home.  Between two dogs, three cats, and my hubby.  It happens.  The rule in the house is if a human breaks something it has to be replaced.  Recently my husband broke a wooden tray I had on our coffee table……I replaced it with this!

I fell in love with these silver faux leather tray’s!  I found mine at Monkee’s in Chapel Hill (also found here online)  I purchased the smallest one (which is still big).  My hubby looked at it and said “It’s Silver!”  I smiled and replied “Yes, anything new I purchase for the house will be metalic, glitter, or pink!”  He just hung his head and walked away.  LOL

I have my eye on this pouf!
Found here, but am determined to find it for less!
What would you add to your house if you had to replace something?