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Hot Pants

I love “Girl Dates”!  I meet with my GF at a coffee shop or even better Target with a Starbucks (btw – is there such a thing as a Target without Starbucks?).  We sip, catch up, give gifts, and then hit the store to browse and snap pictures.  Cause Hello, what do you do when your friends with a Fashion Blogger?  Duh take pictures.  LOL!

For some reason the lighting in Target isn’t the best – Gasp!  One picture my pants look pink, another they look Peach……Probably why I love clothes in the store and not as much when I get home and notice the color isn’t exactly what I thought.

I love Office Supplies!  This gold dog tape dispenser is just too cute!
How appropriate are these canvas prints?  Hello Valentine’s day – main thing that inspired my bright outfit.
So I suggest we go to the furniture section.  The only chair in the isle that I could pull out were these adorable kids chairs.  The funny thing was this older women stopped at the end of the isle and watching my GF taking pic’s and made a comment how cute this was going to be!  I had to giggle.  Most people stare, or walk faster when they see you are snapping pictures!  I don’t really get that.

This pearl necklace is one of my favorites!  Mainly because my nephew’s picked it out for my Birthday last year.
Sweater, teal top and Flats – Target old / Skinnies AE old 
If I’m not back tomorrow – Happy Valentine’s Day!
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