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Brighten your outfit with White Pants

Tank, Jeans, & Sandals Fab’rik / Fedora 
Watch MK Bag TJ Maxx Find / Cuff
I may have a Fab’rik addiction
Photography by Em Grey

Tank, Jeans, & Sandals Fab’rik / Fedora 
Watch MK / Bag TJ Maxx Find / Cuff
I may have a Fab’rik addiction

I think adding white pants changes the feel of an outfit!  I mean look at this…….Black hat & shoes, Black background tank.  Then there’s the pants which brightens it all up and makes it a “Spring” outfit!  I love when I get a good piece of clothing that is versatile and this tank is defiantly that!
My usual go to lip color is MAC Candy Yum Yum (who doesn’t love this color?), however when you have a dark outfit like this I think wearing Saint Germain always adds to the lighter side!  I have to admit I was on the fence when I first purchased St. Germain!  I wasn’t sure how to wear it.  Then I stopped worrying what people might think and tried it.  Tip: Use a good lip scrub and moisturizer before you plan on wearing this color.  When I first tried it I didn’t do this and my lips looked cracked.  It was terrible. 
I never know what people look for in my blog.  Is it my content? My Picture’s? Where to purchase what I have? Or just to get idea’s on how to put something together?
I would love any feedback you can give.  Sometimes I wonder if people want to read my thoughts, other times I worry because every piece of my outfit is old and I wasn’t able to find something similar.  Thank you for reading!
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