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Errand Attire

Pants Top Flats
Photography by Em Grey
My Name is Lee, and I’m a Starbucks Addict!

This outfit is like PJ’s to me!
What can I say I felt like frolicking!  This was the last of my photo shoot and I was HuNgry!  I mean hangry hungry!  Get out my way this girl needs some food…….lol
I went straight to Chipolte and got a burrito bowl and a beer.
To help get me into Spring I am volunteering for UNC Cancer at the UNC 10 Miler on April 18th!  More volunteers are needed!  Click the link above to sign up and UNC Cancer center will get $30 for each Volunteer!  You don’t need to raise money and will be given a “spot” along the run to cheer on the runners.  I think it will be a hoot!

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