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Neutrals in Spring

Pants – Fab’rik / Top Nordstrom / Jean Jacket / Flats J Crew
Photography by Em Grey

Yay for warmer days!!!
Pants – Fab’rik / Top Nordstrom / Jean Jacket / Flats J Crew
I love pairing a soft shirt with soft pants.  This is a very comfortable outfit and something I can wear to either job.  I love how versatile these pants are!
Yup it’s still tax season.  Yup I actually have picture’s.  I took a day off two weekends ago and met with my favorite red head (Em) who took some amazing picture’s for me!  I tell you I don’t know what I would have done without her this season!  I seriously need to make 2 appointments with her next year!
Anyhow, this past weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday.  I set the party for 3pm on Saturday.  It was funny to see who showed and who didn’t.  The people who only wanted to come get drunk on our dime didn’t come because it was 3 in the afternoon.  The people who wanted to come because they like my husband had no issues with the time.  I made some garlic bread with marinara sauce, mashed puff balls, and Baked Brie
More Pieces of Me
still being molly