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Skirt similar / Tee 

Skirt similar Tee 
For some reason it’s hard to find a good cute affordable tee!  Bonus if it doesn’t look or feel like a tee.  BINGO!  Just found my perfect “tee”.  This top is silky and soft.  It is chic enough to not be all “Look she’s wearing a tee” type tee.  I was comfortable (ehm I always go for comfort) and stylish at work.  I can see this tee going with so much.  Defiantly getting it in more colors!
It’s Monday!!  3 days, just 3 more days!  Yay for the END of Tax Season.  Now on to AMAZING things!  I am MODELING in the Southern Women’s Show!  I am beyond excited!  Starting April 16th I will be practicing my walk in heels.  Gotta nail the Heidi! 😉
Now to find the perfect pair of shoes to wear in the show……eek!  Suggestions if you have them.  Would prefer 3″ or less height.
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