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Flowers, Sunshine, Sleek Hair, and Shopping

Welcome to my world.  Sadly it isn’t as glamorous as these picture’s.
I have been obsessed with fresh flowers!!  I have a vase in every room of my house.
This adorable weekly list doubles as a mouse pad.  It has made my week so much easier!!  With the large column’s to write, I have been able to get organized with school and check off as things are done.

I finally found a new groomer and my puppies have an appointment later this month.  While I was there they had the cutest selection of bow ties!  I got this one for my boy so he would be dapper for Easter!
Recently I have been dabbling in Natural Oils from Young Living.
I was excited to get this natural bug repellent oil and mix up seperate bottles for everyone in my home!
Puppies – 15 drops for 3oz of Distilled Water
Kitties – 10 drops for 3oz of Distilled Water
Humans – 19 drops for 1oz Witch Hazel and 2oz Distilled Water.
The real test will be next month when the bugs are crazy.  So far my puppies haven’t minded me spraying the back of their neck with this.  Because they haven’t been groomed yet I brushed in the oil so it would stay longer!
I read on The Sweetest Thing about Get Sleek by TreSemme!
So I thought I would try it.  On those humid mornings when I wash my hair there is NO controlling it.  So I picked up Get Sleek and tried it.
I washed my hair and then put two pumps in my hand and worked from the middle of my hair down.  Then I blow dried it.  WOW!  My hair was soft and sleek!  I didn’t have to use a flat iron like normal.  Plus my hair has stayed this way for three days! (see pic below).
No I wasn’t paid to tell you this, or even asked!  I think it’s important to share a great product when I find one!
Just washed and dried with Get Sleek
Day three hair!  All I have done was brush it.  Oh and added a dry shampoo this morning.
Items Recently Purchased:
Top                                                               Jack Rogers
I need sleeves for the office and thought this color top would go with a few skirts I have!  As for the Jack Rogers.  Everyone had them last year and I thought well maybe I will try a pair.  These were price matched for $38 and I had a $20 Nordstrom Note.  So I thought for $19 it was worth it.  I can’t say I love them.  The hard plastic of the “Jellie” is a little uncomfortable all day.  They seem to stretch more than mold to my foot so about an hour or two into wearing them they flop around my foot and aren’t very comfortable.  I did make sure to get a size down.  Now keep in mind with this review that I have a slender foot.  If yours is on the wide side you may not have this problem.
Hands down my favorite sandal are my Kate Spade (which I found at Nordstrom Rack for $19)
I am SO going back for a second pair!  Hoping to find blue!  The bow on top is SO cute and they are dressy enough for work!
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