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Zara Jeans / Old Navy Tee / Fab’rik Scarf / Earrings / Steve Madden Sunnies / Flats

Zara Jeans / Old Navy Tee / Fab’rik Scarf Earrings / Steve Madden Sunnies / Flats
First – At my heart I am a Blue Jeans / Tee Shirt kinda gal!  Don’t get me wrong I love dressing up and all but when I have a day to me or with my hubby I wear jeans and a tee.  Of course being the fashion blogger that I am I can’t just leave it at jeans and a tee.  I have to add some pizzazz and dress it up!  Take this look for example……I added some adorable Espadrille flats, Scarf, and Statement Earrings.  Bam – Dressed up!  Now let’s step to the side and talk about my earrings…..I found them at Monkey’s in Chapel Hill.  They look JUST like the Kendra Scott earrings I have linked.  I was so excited I stopped in the store last week cause these earrings are 1/2 the price of the Kendra ones.  They even have a necklace I am going back for next week!  EEk…..
Now we talk hair!  If you read earlier in the week you saw I got my hair BUTCHERED by a man at the Southern Women Show.  My hubby is calling him “The Serial Hair Killer” (LMAO).  I have been trying to deal with my loss the best I can.  One up side is I get to try new styles that with my much longer and thicker hair I couldn’t.  Like this half top knot!  So Cute and easy to do!  See the crown of my head has the shortest layers that won’t go in a pony tail properly so a half top knot just seemed logical to try!  So glad I did!  I think it looks cute, do you?
Yesterday I posted about a cute tee from 9th&Elm.  Please go vote for me if you haven’t already!
Happy Hump Day!!
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