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Some days you just need a break

I’ve mentioned time and again that I work for a Tax CPA firm.
No I am not a tax accountant.  I actually hate taxes.
I am an Accountant though……..I know WHAT? There’s a difference?
Yes there is.  I am a Financial Accountant.  i.e. Accounting for companies daily and month end reporting to owners, stock holders, etc.
ANYHOW, not to get off topic.  I over work myself and get physically tired during tax season.  So when an opportunity arises to “escape” for an hour or two I grab it with both hands.
Like yesterday…….
Let’s back track for a moment.

I had earned a Nordstrom Note from my Nordstrom Debit Card!   $20 “Free” dollars to spend.
I have been wanting a pair of Jack Rogers so I used my note to order a pair (which were currently price matched for $38).  These to be exact.
Well I ordered the wrong size, not reading the size guide.  I was so frustrated because these cute sandals were to complete my outfit for the day.  So I did what any rational blogger would do……I drove to Nordstrom to swap them out.

While there I stopped by the MAC counter.  I was in desperate need of a Spring Pink.
Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Candy Yum Yum, Saint Germain, and Be A Lady but I needed an in between shade.

The adorable MAC lady came over and we discussed the crazy amount of pink on my hand (see above).  I told her what I liked and what I wanted.  We both agreed the middle shade would be perfect.  It is called Pink Nouveau.  OMG I love it!  It’s the perfect shade for Spring while still giving a pop!
After that I stopped at Starbucks to grab my fav Youth Berry Tea / Lemonade drink and a scone.
Then off to Ulta cause I had a $10 off which expired on 4/4.
I picked up a new Stippling brush I have been wanting and a new eye shadow.
BTW all pics were shared via SnapChat – EDFbyLee
As you can see my new Jack’s were workin overtime!
After all this I went back to work (sigh).  It was such a pretty day and it was hard to go back inside.
Oh well.  I did pick up some more fresh flowers (Kroger has flowers on clearance Wednesdays!)
I put one Sunflower in my kitchen sink window to smile at me.  The other vases are ALL around the house!
Yes the Forecast was correct 🙂
Hope you had a good week!  Remember to take a break for yourself.