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Yum – Bunt Cakes

Wow! What a Weekend!  First there was a sneak peak of
The Southern Women Show in Raleigh.  Here is the swag we got at the event thanks to TriFabb!

Little Black Dress wines available at Harris Teeter, Kroger, and Food Lion
Belk always rocks!
PDQ, WRAL 5, and N&O Paper

Our dressing room

This is a 4 strand braid!

Love this lady from Blown Away in Raleigh
Love this outfit courtesy Peachy Keen in Cary
More outfit pics to come later in the week. Courtesy Em Grey Photography
This maxi dress is courtesy LuLaRoe
ALL Jewelry provided by Noonday Collection
The Southern Women Show came to Raleigh this weekend!  TriFabb put on a fashion show for normal women to discuss how to style items and dress for your body.  There were 6 models total, and 12 outfits.  My two outfits were Date night from Peachy Keen and a casual maxi from LuLaRoe.
Blown Away from Raleigh styled our hair!  I tell you they did some amazing looks on each lady!  For makeup Mary Kay consultants came each day .  I give a personal shout out to Christy and Kimberly, both ladies were professional, kind, and brought out my natural beauty with ease! 
So each day was Very different from the next!  Friday all the “grandmothers” were at the show.  They were so sweet and loved our fashion show!  Saturday it was more middle aged women who were very interested in the tips Molly had on how to dress up or down a look.  Lastly Sunday was very slow, we guessed many people were still at Church.  I tell you Sunday is the day to go if you don’t like crowds!
I posted on FaceBook, IG, and SnapChat about my experience.  I had so much fun Friday with the girls and walking the “runway”, sadly I was very tired and sore Saturday morning.  Saturday was as equally fun but we were rushed to get ready (which added stress).  Also, Saturday I let this crazy man with a microphone on a side stage cut my hair (more like butcher).  Everyone says it looks good, which when it’s down it does.  It’s all my up do’s that won’t work anymore because of how he thinned my hair.  Anyhow, spilled milk.  I will show you over the next few weeks how I am learning to style this new butchered hair style.  I will discuss how to move forward with a bad hair cut!
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