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Wedge Season

So Lilly for Target hit the stores!  All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t go.  The crazy stuff I saw on social media had me shaking my head!  Yes there were a few things I saw I wanted, but some women purchased way too much and have the items for resale on ebay and IG!  I mean why???? The whole point of the collaboration wasn’t so people could make money off it, it was so people who can’t afford Lilly could own some.  I wanted a phone case and the blue flip flops but I refuse to pay someone other than Target for them!  I mean this is greed at it’s worst.  Target had better find a better way of doing these collaborations in the future!  Many people were frustrated and slammed Target via Twitter.  I sit back and shake my head.  Personally these are just items, I have many other things in my life that are more important!
Ok sorry about the soup box rant.
I am trying hard to get back in the swing of life.  It’s not easy.  I have so many things I really want to do other than school or work!  Like blog.  I missed blogging during tax season.  I know I posted some but it wasn’t the same as having an idea and posting it.  With that said, my gal Corbin has posted some amazing things about blogging and getting focused.
Here are my three favorite!
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