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Casual Friday

Photography by Em Grey

I love adding a tee and chucks to a skirt for a more casual look.
Honestly this is how I dress most Friday’s in the summer!
This week I have enjoyed having more time to myself.  I straighten my house each morning.  Fix lunch for my husband and myself.  Been trying to exercise (trying).  Anyhow, I am having a small struggle.  While working 2 jobs and going to school I hired a maid to clean my house twice a month.  It was a necessary expense.  Well I really like only having to keep it clean instead of cleaning everything.  My hubby says this summer the maid needs to go since I am only working my FT job.  I really don’t want to give them up.  They clean things that I don’t always think of and knock it out real quick.  I am thinking of cutting them back so we save a little money but honestly it’s so worth my time to pay them.  Inner battle, ugh.  Of course my hubby won’t argue too much if I keep them.
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