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Hair Trials

You may recall my very thick long hair…..Well I had it cut by a “Serial Hair Killer”
I am not crying over spilled milk, but moving forward and trying to work with the new cut.
I have always had layers but the man cut layers that barely hit my earlobe (which is a big no no with hair as long as mine).  So I have a lot of short pieces that need to be worked around…….
 First Up is the Poof Pony!
This one is easy with the short layers I am able to really tease my hair.
Now I wasn’t very successful with the half Top Knot before my cut. Now I can!
Bonus 😉
Of course the half up poof is an easy and chic style.

 When in doubt always wear a hat!  With the short layers this is the only way I can
pull off a braid.  The hat keeps the small pieces in place so the braid stays together.
 I have fallin in love with headbands all over again!
Nordstrom Rack has totally cute ones for super cheap!
Last but not least the half up with a stylish clip!  This is something I do when
cleaning around the house to keep my hair from getting into things.
I hope I gave you some idea’s on how to work with a new style and become creative when fixing your hair!  Sadly until it grows out the Messy Bun just doesn’t work.  All the shorter pieces end up sticking out.