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Summer Fun

Dress / Sunglass‘ / Clutch / Sandals (Target in store only) 
Photography by Marly at Girly Love

Dress / Sunglass‘ / Clutch / Sandals (Target in store only) 
Ok so this isn’t technically a dress, it’s called a tunic on the website.  BUT take into consideration I am 5’9″….. yeah this could be considered a dress on a more petite women (wearing a Medium).  I love how long the back is and how fun it will be paired with cutoffs.  Oh and let’s not forget a cute cover-up for the pool.  Best part is it was only $17!!
Recently I met a lovely lady.  We hit it off right away and are so excited to share similar likes, interests, and of course a love of fashion!  I see our friendship being a great one and long lasting!  Her name is Marly and she writes the blog Girly Love!  She actually took these picture’s for me!  If you write a blog then you know how hard it is to find someone to take GOOD picture’s for you!  I typically use a tripod, or get my Nana or another friend to take them.  However everyone has busy schedules.  Marly and I live a few miles from each other and both are in need when it comes to pictures.  Thank goodness we found each other!!
Let’s not forget Marly lives in a complex with a pool!  I love the pool.  No, like I grew up with a pool in my back yard and living in it in the summer!  My family use to say I was part fish!  I could swim laps for hours and loved every minute of it!  For at least 5 years I have been pool-less 🙁  so to know someone who will let me use their pool is beyond exciting for me.  Not to mention it’s been years (ehm like 17) since I hung out at a pool with a girlfriend!  This summer is going to epic!
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