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Wedding Attire and ~Giveaway~

 Love this candid shot of Marly and I

Actual Dress

Wedding season is upon us!  I love a cute skater dress like this one for a wedding because it can be worn so many other places.  This is what I would call a staple in my wardrobe!  Plus this dress is under $30!!  This clutch goes with this dress and add’s a fun aspect!  You could win this clutch from Marly and I! (Marly at Girly Love) See below for entry as well as original post here

I want to take a moment and talk about Nail Salons.  When going to a wedding typically you want to look your best.  Nails are something easy you can paint to liven up your outfit and appearance.  Typically I go to the nail salon for a “polish change” which runs about $7.  This way I don’t have to worry about my polish chipping in the first few hours.  Let me warn you NOT all nail salon’s are the same!  While visiting family in Richmond my cousin and I decided to get our nails done.  She heard of a new place and wanted to try it out.  Upon arrival the salon was very busy, which wasn’t an issue because they don’t require an appointment.  I picked my color (neon pink) and waited.  When the technician finally got to me she seemed annoyed I only wanted a polish and not a full manicure.  Little secret other than some hand massage there is very little difference between a mani and polish only.  They file my nails, buff them, and check for any problems.  This place did all those things, then she started to paint my nails.  It was like an untrained person was painting them.  She got polish all over, past my cuticle under my nail and on the tips of my fingers.  When she finished she took a brush with remover and tried to clean it up.  Notice I said try.  Then she took me to the drying table.  I am use to a table with a light.  For some reason I feel like it works better.  The table at this place was a warm fan.  So I sat and let my nails dry.  When I got back to my Aunt’s I noticed most of my nails were ragged like she gave up on filing, there was polish I needed to clean off.  Then it chips not long after!!!  Needless to say I am not happy, however being the Optimist I am I tried to look at the bright side…..what to check before I get my nails done at a new place.  Back home I have a normal gal and salon I go to, but there are times you aren’t home.  So moral of this tale is to check things out, if you aren’t happy say so, also check the drying table to see if it’s what you are use to.

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