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2nd Annual BBQ

Last year we had our first “Puppy BBQ”
NOW Wait a moment – no we didn’t BBQ puppies……All our friends who have dogs come over for a BBQ and bring their puppies!  Most might think this would be chaos, however the dogs exhaust themselves mingling with each other.  It’s really quite cute.  I have home made dog treats and people food.
S’Mores are a MUST!
Good Punch (Wine Lemonade) and Mint to add
I got the idea for the candle holders from Martha Stuart (of course)!  These are RoseMary sprigs.
Wine Punch:  Lots of white wine (Riesling), Raspberry Lemonade, Sprite, and Strawberries for garnish.
Starter Foods!  Cheese plate, Chonc Fritters (hushpuppy mix with diced chonc.)
Deviled Eggs – I add some dill relish and a touch of lemon juice to mine for added flavor.
The feast! Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs (omg these are SO good), Pasta Salad (I add Red Wine Vinegar for amazing flavor), Baked Beans, and of course ALL the fixings!  Chili, Sauerkraut, Condiments. 
Pasta Salad – Bow Tie Pasta, cut up Onion, Green pepper, & zucchini!  
Add Mayo, Red Wine Vinegar, tiny bit of sugar, and some milk for the pasta to absorb.
TIP – Cook Pasta and add Mayo, Red Wine V, Sugar, and Milk.  Let the Pasta soak it in
then add veggies and chill.
TIP – precook bacon (make sure it’s limp to wrap around HD), Use tooth pics to hold bacon and put on grill!  Amazing!!!
Our Neighbor brought this platter.  The cheese is to die for!
Whole Foods sells the “butts” of cheese’s for super cheap, great way to try new types.
I will have to ask her again what these are because a few I so want to get more of!
This outfit is perfect for a BBQ!  The lace shorts are right on trend and the tunic Chambray will keep you comfortable when the evening gets cool!  Of course a cute hate is a must!
I like to go boho with my jewelry for a BBQ, like these wrap bracelets.
These lace shorts are actually from the PJ department at Target!
I know I was shocked as well, but my friend Marly told me I should check out the sleep shorts there
They are the perfect length and so comfortable to wear!  Defiantly a MUST
Our second annual Puppy BBQ was a hit!  So year 3 will defiantly be added to the schedule in 2016!
What traditions do you have in the summer?

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