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Flowers – From Where?

So I got Friday off work, my supervisor insisted upon it.  I would have been happy to go in but when she takes time off she wants me to take a day.  Who knows?  Anyhow, I had a very busy day…..First Physical Therapy, then some calls, the Dollar Store for white boards, Free lunch at PDQ, Grocery store – where I noticed this rose garden for the first time, and finally home.  If you click the link for my shorts you will see they are pj shorts!  I got this idea from Marly at girlylove!  So cool!  This tee went perfect with it and my lace slip ons were just what my PT ordered (no literally she said wear sneakers).  Aren’t these rose’s so beautiful! 
Like Friday my weekend was busy!  My mom picked me up Saturday morning and we went to the Carrboro farmer’s market.  I love supporting local farmers and I don’t pay more than the grocery store for produce.  Plus I get my fresh flowers!  Then I went to my PT job (Care Giving) that evening.
How was your weekend?  What do you find local that’s fun to do?
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