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Mint To Be

I want to take a moment and talk about some personal things and a realization I have come to.  My father passed young (60), he didn’t think this would happen and had not prepared for it.  My mother was left in a situation after his death and struggled for many years.  Lately my husband has had some health issues (collapsed lung, sprained shoulder).  Now seeing what my mother went through I have had a decent life insurance policy on my husband since we got married.  However, I am having to deal with other financial issues because of this health.  Making sure you have the right coverage for any type of occasion is so important.  I mean we have car insurance on the off chance something happens, Life and General insurance is a must as well!  Especially if you will leave bills behind should something happen.  Did you know the government only gives your family $255 if you die?  That’s not enough to cover cremation ($500) let alone a funeral.  I’m getting slightly off track, sorry.  My point is after these incidents with my husband I have decided adding a supplemental policy, like Aflac, is a must for us!  Most people don’t like to talk about the what if and end up not prepared.  I hope this will get the conversation going in your home and help you should the what if happen!

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