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Photography by Marly “Girly Love
This post is NOT sponsored.  I am sharing what I prefer to protect my skin from the sun.

I love being outside!  I remember growing up and practically living outside.  Picture me long legs, bony as heck, the first one out in the morning and the last one to go in.  I would even negotiate with my parents to let me play on the driveway or front steps just so I could stay outside.  Well some things never change!  I love being outside, even if it’s just sitting on the front porch.  Skin Cancer is very real, my mother has had some liver spots removed and I want to make sure I don’t run into any issues when I am older.  So sun screen is top priority for me.  My go to is Neutrogena wet skin spray.  It is the perfect size to carry in my bag and the spray can be locked so no accidents.  Not to mention if I find myself sweaty or wet I can still use the spray and know it will work.  I actually took this spray with me to the Bahamas and St. Criox a few years ago.  You know how harsh the sun can be in the Caribbean. Second on my list of must have’s in a big floppy hat.  My hat was from two years ago but I linked a very cute one I plan to add to my collection!  I keep a hat on my front porch and one in my car so I am always prepared to go in the sun!
What do you use and swear by to protect yourself from sun burns and possible cancer?
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