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Green Moods

Photography by Marly

I have been having fun with my new leather shorts!  As I have said before they are so versatile!
My fellow blogger and friend Marly and I went on a hunt for new picture locations.  I remembered shooting on this wall with Molly a few years ago and thought it would be a fun location to shoot again.
You may wonder about my title for this post…..Green Moods.  I was chatting with a friend the other day about our husbands and kinda of comparing notes.  Does your husband help clean the house?  Does your husband cook dinner?  It occurred to me that we as women always want to put our best foot forward and share good things with women around us.  Like a co-worker saying “my husband cooked the best dinner last night” and your left thinking well mine never cooks, I wish he would.  It’s thoughts like these that lead to resentment.  Yes your husband may not be the best with domestic items but there is a reason you married him.  As women we always (in my opinion) want the best in life.  We don’t want to envy other women, and yet no matter what our life is like we tend to.  It’s hard to navigate marriage and takes a lot of hard work without ‘wishing’ there was something different about yours.  I wanted to share this with you in the hopes of helping other women become more conscious about our thoughts and envying other women.  Take it from me, after 11 years of marriage that 1. things do change when you get married no matter how long you and your spouse were together before  2. marriage is hard work  3. marriage counseling is not a bad thing!  If you find yourself unhappy and your husband isn’t receptive to your needs you may need additional help.  Think of it as taking your car in for a tune up, or getting your A/C unit serviced each year.  Counseling is not a bad thing and may actually bring you closer.  My husband and I have done this and I can say we gained tools to help us accept each other and ways to make each other happier.

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