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Orange Theory

What is Orange Theory????
I couldn’t find much about this workout movement other than it’s all the rage in NY.
So what is Orange Theory?  It’s a workout facility that focuses on class’. 
So no you can’t just go whenever you feel like it and hop on the treadmill.
The class’ are designed to optimize your work out and focus on specific muscle groups.
They do this with a few techniques.
By mixing up the 1 hour workout with weights in specific reps (12 or so)
Adding squats in reps (12-15) with some real cool bands attached to the wall
Adding ab workouts and crunches with equipment.
You also use the water rowing machine and treadmill to get your heart rate up.
I’m sure your wondering what the “orange theory” is.  Well they attached a heart monitor
to me (a band wrapped under my breasts) which tracks what zone I’m in.
Grey starting out, blue is getting warmed up, green is a good pace, then orange (where you should be for a majority of your workout) and finally red.  Now each person is different and some people will push and be in the red zone most of their cardio workout.  The goal is to get and stay in the orange zone.

I found out the day before my class that I have “runners knee” which is funny
because I don’t run. It came on because of my acute tendinitis injury.
So I was limited in what I could do but they modified things for me.
Because of this I stayed in the blue and green zones during my workout.

At the end of the class they email you a chart showing how your workout went.
Here is my chart!
My friend Marly worked out with me.  It was nice to have someone there to experience this new place with.  Marly did better than me and was in the Orange zone for her cardio.
All in all it was an amazing experience.  Something I may consider joining when I am all healed up.
Learn more about Orange Theory here.  One thing nice is you can sign up for a 2 free class’.
Orangetheory Fitness is expanding to North Raleigh this fall! The new studio is being developed in the Falls Village shopping center off Falls of Neuse Road. Visit our pre-sale location in the plaza at 6643 Falls of Neuse Rd., directly next to TJ Maxx, to lock in memberships at limited-time discounted rates today! Interested individuals can also call (919) 263-5668 or visit
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