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Having and Being a sister hasn’t always been easy for me.  See there is an 8 year age gap between my sister and I.  When I turned 10 she left for college.  Many of the things you typically learn from a sister just didn’t happen in my life.  So when I got older and I noticed how close some of my friends were with their sisters I thought I can still have that type of relationship.  As with any relationship work is involved.  Taking the time to learn who the person is and making an effort to be apart of it.  I love my sister, I always have.  We have a bond that not many do.  It started with the death of our father and grew from there.  When tragedy hits there is no one in the world who can understand what you are going through like a sibling.  I value my sister’s strength during our families dark times.  I respect the hard work my sister put in to obtain her PhD.  I envy the courage she showed when dealing with health issues.  I respect the Mother she is and that she is learning as she go’s.  To my sister on her Birthday I want to say “I love you, I respect you, I value our relationship.  Thank you for having my back in life.  Happy Birthday!!”

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