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Ikwetta’s Story:  Our Philosophy is simple: make beautiful handmade products and provide employment while helping build the local community. Our skilled artisans make beautiful products to meet the needs of today’s modern women while using age-old techniques and inspiration from African culture that needs preserving. Its a happy marriage of tradition and today’s fashion.
When Sheeni with Ikwetta contacted me about sharing their story and product I was blown away.  Recently I worked with a friend of mine about fair trade and adding that philosophy to my blog.  Well this is just that…. Ikwette is giving a hand up to people in Africa by taking their product world wide.  These sandals are hand crafted and made with high quality product!  The pair I am wearing “Jewelled Peacock” were handcrafted by Alex Musyoka.  There hand sewn, hand beaded, and made with leather.  They are very comfortable to wear and so pretty!  Defiantly goes with everything and a higher quality vs. price.  Here is the part when I offer you something…..DISCOUNT!!!!  Use EDF at checkout for 15% off!

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