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Palm Wonder and Telephone

Nordstrom Tunic / Ditto Jeans / N Rack Mules / Louis Vuitton
Nars Lip (Crimson Red)/ Kendra Scott Necklace
Photography by Marly
Palm trees
I know Palm trees grow in warmer states like Florida and California, however my mind always goes to California when I see them.  Sadly I have never been there, it’s on my bucket list.
I want to take a moment to talk about something that I got upset about.
Yes I watch reality TV.  Now that’s out of the way……when watching a recent episode of the Real House Wives of Orange County I got kinda angry.  If you watch the show you will know what I am talking about….If you don’t that’s ok you will be able to understand the reason.
Vicki is in her 50’s, she is living with a man (Brooks) whom her daughter and most friends don’t like or trust.  Brooks has cancer and has decided to stop treatment for some kind of system flush drink.  (bare with me I don’t pay attention to all the small details).  So during a lunch with 3 other ladies on the show a Psychic said he didn’t see Brooks having cancer.  Later what the Psychic said came up to a women who wasn’t present (Shannon).  Well of course Shannon went and told Vicki what was said and she pointed the finger to only one lady in the group of 3 (Meghan).  Now Vicki is on a rampage for Meghan, stating that she is spreading lies and rummer’s.  This is Not true.  Meghan did bring up what they Psychic said during a conversation about Brooks stopping treatment; she did not put much speculation behind it (like that’s what she thought).  
Long story short – this made me think about women and how we tend to jump to the wrong conclusion about each other.  That we don’t take the time to stop and listen to what the person said.  Instead we interpret what they said.  Kinda like the game telephone.  The worst part is the last person to hear the news almost always jumps all over the person who started the “game” instead of stopping to ask what happened.  Which also leads me to another topic for another day “Lying”.
Are you guilty of this?  Do you know someone who is?
How should we stop it?

Nordstrom Tunic / Ditto Jeans / N Rack Mules Louis Vuitton
Nars Lip (Crimson Red)/ Kendra Scott Necklace
You have just read the inner thoughts of me late at night when I can’t sleep.  However, I would love your thoughts!!  Please comment.
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