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When did it become normal to not let someone know if their ‘appearance’ was off?  Like something in their teeth, or unusual body odor.  I remember a time when someone you knew you would say “Hey you have something in your teeth” or “Um you may want to check the mirror” (nose danglers are the worst).  I tell the guys at my work, while handing them a Kleenex “You have a bat in the cave”.  I bring this up because I was faced with a situation and when I asked for advice on how to approach it I was told don’t say anything.  Frankly it’s not my personality.  When a man at work wore too much colon I said something, it was polite but to the point [something like “your colon is heavy today, you might want to use less tomorrow”].  Maybe it’s my filter, which is out of wack because it doesn’t bother me when someone says “you shouldn’t wear that perfume”.  I try to think before I speak but it doesn’t always work.  Anyhow, back to the topic.  If someone who normally has no odor suddenly smells like they ran a marathon and then came straight to work, do you say something?  Would love to hear any situations you have been in like this and what you did.  Don’t be ashamed how you handled it, this is a judgement free zone.

 Leggings Tunic / Rain Boots (similar)

This outfit was perfect for a rainy Monday.  Oddly though it didn’t rain.  That always seems to happen to me.  When I finally wear my rain boots it doesn’t rain.   Crazy!