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Traditions [Football]

Growing up we had 1 TV (it was the 80’s).  I remember spending the summer outside running, playing, climbing trees, basically being active.  Come fall my favorite thing to do was spend time with my dad, which on Sunday meant watching Football!  From a young age I recall sitting in the den with my father and brother watching football.  I would have a pad and pen to write my questions because there was NO talking while the game was in play.  Yup, the men in my family take football very serious, and so do I.  Needless to say I learned the game quickly and fell in love with the tradition of watching it with them on Sunday.  My father was a Washington Redskins fan, my brother a Dallas Cowboys fan.  The rivalry was real and ran deep.  It was so much fun!

My sister and mother usually read a book in another part of the house.  However, my mom would put together an amazing snack spread that ended up being lunch and dinner!  We would have meats, cheese, crackers, nuts, and so many other yummy things.  Since becoming an adult and the passing of my father I always felt close to him by keeping our Sunday tradition alive!  The snacks have changed some – veggie plate, fruit, cheese platters, dips.  My favorite dip to prepare that literally takes a few minutes is ‘Taco’ dip (I learned from my husbands sister [long story]).
Even if you aren’t a cream cheese fan give it a try.  You will be surprised how little you notice the separate ingredients.  Everyone who has tried this has loved it!
Large Sour Cream
Brick of Cream Cheese (for smaller batch I use a tub)
Cheese, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, and Black Olives (not shown)
Taco Seasoning
Let brick cream cheese soften at room temp, mix with sour cream, then add Taco Seasoning.
(for a smaller batch use equal parts sour cream and cream cheese)
Spread mixture on place and pile on the rest as you like.
Super easy and Super delicious!
 Onion tip!  Slice onion in rows on both directions, then cut off.  Bam diced onion with little work.

 You control how strong the dip flavor is by how much seasoning you add.

Serve with tortilla chips!
I usually keep these ingredients in the house and will make this as an appetizer when dinner will take a while and my hubby is Hangry!
What are your football traditions? 

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