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IG Wrap Up

I have been drooling over this bag for months!  I prefer to purchase my higher end bags on consignment.  So when I decided fall/winter was the perfect time to get a new bag I went to Tradesy.  I put in my search criteria (Michael Kors, under $230, black, leather, available) and BAM this beauty popped up.  Being on a budget as I am makes it hard to afford $200+ for anything!  Tradesy has teamed up with Affirm to offer affordable payment plans with a tiny (I mean tiny) interest rate. Badda Bing Badda Boom I have a new bag and I haven’t even made my first payment.  So technically if my husband asks about it I can say that I haven’t paid for it (yet). LOL
In an effort to mix things up on Friday I swapped my jeans for these blush pants and a top for Chambray.  I was as comfortable as if I had been wearing jeans.  The key to an outfit like this is a statement necklace!

Top / Sweat Pants / Infinity Scarf / Espadrilles 
I am a Notary….There are so many guidelines to being a Notary in NC.  Sadly I slipped up and forgot to do one thing for my renewal.  Which led to me having to take the 7 hour training class over. (insert crying emoji).  I know the class rooms at the community college are cold so I wore something both comfortable and warm!

Top / Pants / Scarf  – gift from Thailand
I have mentioned before that I work as an Elderly Caregiver.  Well my client loves my scarves (plus her house is oddly cold).  I always try to look my best for her because we go out to eat and shop.  I wore this to work Sunday and of course my client LURVED my scarf.

We finally got cooler weather in NC!  Monday morning it was 60 degrees!  Talk about being happy!  I have been feeling very uncomfortable with my weight lately, my pants aren’t fitting, and when I sit I can feel the rolls.  Which is making me want to loose weight because I can’t wear leggings all the time.  Wish me luck!  I have been reading a book (I think it’s called Think Skinny), it has great advice on how to motivate yourself.  The writer is a training on the show Biggest Looser.  One thing he says is to stop holding on to ill fitting clothes.  “When you loose the weight you can treat yourself with some new clothing, but holding on to something is self defeating.”  So I will be cleaning out my closet this weekend (I also have a photo shoot).  I will also be purchasing a few pair of pants (as inexpensive as possible) so I can have something to wear right now that is fitted.

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