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Beaching in October

 Typically one does not think of going to the beach in October unless you live in Florida or some place warmer.  Not that North Carolina is all that cold but when your at the beach it can feel cooler due to the wind.  I am getting ahead of myself.  My husband Hates to travel. The fact I got him to take two trips this year is shocking.  Earlier this year we went to West Virginia for a family trip (brother, mother, and spouses).
I work for an amazing man.  He has taught me so much and given me many opportunities (like taking the series 65 [Investment Adviser License exam] late November this year).  He owns a Condo at the Beach and insisted that Brian and I get away this past weekend and use it.  He had me at free….haha
So after my husband’s Oncologist appointment we threw a bunch of stuff in the car and hit the road.  When I say threw – well I mean it.  Other than lunch one day I planned nothing (um OCD and Type A here, kinda cray I didn’t plan).  We arrived after 9, got everything inside and raised a glass to our vacation!  We woke the next morning and figured things out.  One thing I was told was about Fishing on the beach (pretty much the only time of year you can do this).  We did pack the fishing poles and tackle.  After breakfast we decided to head to the Pier because I read we didn’t need a permit to fish there.  This also gave my hubby a chance to see what tackle everyone was using.  We learned he needed a heavy weight (like 2-3lbs) and shrimp as bait.  Yup instead of eating shrimp fishermen use it as bait.  haha
 As you can see people take fishing serious on the beach!
So we asked a man on the beach where to get some of the tackle and he gave directions.  So….we went bait shopping, weight shopping, and of course Liquor stock up.  haha  Oh we were told to fish in high tide (11am).
Off to the beach we went.  Both my hubby and I didn’t pack a pair of shorts.  Now we did pack swim suits but nothing for hot weather.  So our pants got rolled into capri’s.  After about an hour on the beach the temp reached 75.  Off came my hubby’s shirt and I went to change into my swim suit.  We ended up sitting on the beach until 5pm and had so much fun!  We chatted with people around us about fishing.  I have to say people at the beach are SO nice!  We met a couple in Raleigh and their son gave Brian some tips to catching a fish.  The first cast after he caught a fish.  We ended up adding Flounder to our steak dinner.
 Now your wondering – Um Lee where are the Tips?
Tip 1 – pack for both cold and warm weather!  Temps get high during the day, and low during the night.
Tip 2- don’t be shy!  Talk to people around you about what’s going on (like fishing)
Tip 3- Going to the beach in October (even late) is so fun!  Don’t count it out
Tip 4- you will always need a hat AND sunblock when at the beach.  We learned this the hard way and got burned.


 Pants / Tee / Hat – from local surf shop