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Obsessions part II

Welcome back!  I am kinda loving these posts.  I get to link all the items I wish I had or may save to purchase.  It’s an easy way to prioritize my wardrobe wants.  Anyhow, we are back for another week.
I really hope you are enjoying these!
This week I wanted to focus on easy gift items (hello Christmas is like a month away).
What better gift item than a scarf.  I gave one to my sister last year and I know she loves it.
Have a price point?  Here are some options
  • Under $10
  • Under $20
  • Under $30
  • Under $40 (perfect for the girly girl!)
  • BIG Spender $50-$100 
By Category!
  • Traveler
  • Jewelry Lover (can you say tassel adorbs)
  • Glove Lover (um Kate Spade, cute, and can use with smart phone)
I could go on for days but I don’t want you to be overwhelmed!  I love the versatility of this online store, not to mention the Free Shipping and Amazon Prime Deals (here)
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