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Ruffle On The Top

 Happy Monday!
This past weekend was slammed full.  I worked an event for the Service League which was so fun and rewarding.  Then I spent Sunday with my friend Marly.  We baked, took pictures, and checked out YouTube DIY projects.  I am thinking this year I will give a home made gift to several people and got some great idea’s.  If you would like me to feature them on the blog let me know in the comments section.
Our house isn’t big enough for a live tree, but I love to browse.  This little lot was so cute and I couldn’t help making it the background for these pictures.
Oh let me chat about these boot socks.  They are purely decorative.  I would suggest wearing a second pair of socks under them on bitter cold days.  But aren’t they just adorable!!

 I am excited to share a collaboration I will be doing this month with Brosway Jewelry (my ring).  I will be sharing simple holiday looks with this amazing jewelry as the “icing” on the cake!
Hope your weekend was great!  Thanks for reading.

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