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Wine Review

Disclosure – I am in NO way a wine connoisseur.  I love wine and wanted to share what I have learned.  Thoughts are my own.

Recently I decided to try Club W, a monthly wine club.  Basically you sign up, take a quiz on things you like and they suggest wine for you to order.  The bottles range between $13-26, and you get to select what is shipped to you.  Oddly after I did my quiz they suggested only Red wines.  I haven’t found a red that I like, so this surprised me.  I went through the site and selected 3 whites I typically enjoy.  I ordered a sparkling white, Gewurztraminer, and White blend.  The wines were shipped quickly once I completed my order.  I was notified the day before delivery because someone who is over 21 has to sign for the package (I shipped to my work because of this).

The first wine I tried was the Gewurztraminer.  It was nothing like other’s I have tried.  It was bland with an odd after taste.  Typical Gewurztraminer are a crisp fruit filled flavor.  If you haven’t tried Gewurztraminer I highly recommend Fetzer (check your local grocery).

Next I poped the sparkling white for Mimosas.  It was very good.  The best part was I didn’t get a terrible migraine after a glass, which normally happens to me with sparking wine.

The blended white was nice, smooth taste, and what I expected.  Defiantly a bottle I will order again.  I will order another month from Club W, however I am not sure if it is something I will do all year long.  I have certain wines I enjoy and spending money on wine’s I haven’t tried is like Russian Roulette to me.

Here are some fun tips to get you through a wine tasting.


How to make people believe you know more about wine than you do.

Ever been invited to a wine tasting and your all “I can do that, I drink wine!”  Well guess what there is SO much more than just drinking wine.  Here are a few things you can do that will help you sound like you know more than you do!

1.  Swirl the wine in your glass with your fingers on the stem.  Don’t ghetto grip the bowl.
2.  Talk about the wine’s “concentrated color”, be vague
3.  When it comes to talking about the aroma “this has a complex aroma”
4.  After taking a sip (please don’t gulp) say the wine’s body as “medium”.  
No one can argue if your right in the middle.
Vocabulary:  Percolate – to inhale a small amount of air when sipping the wine.
Remember these and you won’t feel like a fool around people that live for tasting wine!  
Who knows they may know as much as you do!
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