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Game Day Snacks

When football season started I shared my always requested Taco Dip’. Now with the playoffs in full swing and my husband is glued to the TV, I create new snacks to enjoy.  Included is a new recipe for Spinach Artichoke dip I have tried and we all loved!

To set up a fun table think outside the Box.  My raised level on the table is just that, a box!  I find it’s easier to display and pick up items if there are different levels to the table.  Take a long table cloth and cover the table, then fold part back to pull over the box.  This will give clean lines and as things are taken off the table the cloth will stay in place.

Next you want fun dishes and containers to hold your treats!  I love these small plastic cartons.  Mine came from the grocery store filled with mushrooms (yes we eat a lot of mushrooms).  You can pick up a pack here or here.  If you have time I suggest saving the ones you get from the grocery. The main reason for these containers is people can pick them up and not deal with chips or small food all over their plate.

Dips are a little different, which is why I purchase these size bowls whenever I see them (especially on clearance).  These are one thing I don’t care if they match, makes it more colorful and fun.  With bowls a smaller size your guest can easily refill it and control how much dip they take.  There is nothing worse than piling your plate high only to have it run and overtake your other treats. 
Spinach Artichoke Dip
1 cup Spinach
1.5 cups Artichoke Hearts
8oz Cream Cheese
1 cup Mozzarella
1/2 cup Parmesan
1/2tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1/4tsp Salt
1/4tsp Garlic Powder
(once it cooks add a little milk to make it creamy)
Cook in Crockpot on high for 2 hours stirring occasionally
I received this jewelry box Christmas from my good blogger friend Marly.  When I noticed it was the same size as drink napkins I was so excited.  I keep it stocked and put it out when guests come over.  Not to mention it is pretty on the table.