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Get Ready with Me

OMG……Winter sucks in the South!  We get more ice than snow.
This ring was my purchase at a Kendra Scott event I attended last week.  I got it for a steal!  It is so elegant and comfortable to wear.  So of course I needed to do blog pics to share.  However we had 24 hours of winter mix weather hit and I already slipped on the front steps busting my butt (ouch).
Anyhow, I wore this outfit last week and didn’t have time to get pic’s but I really wanted to share it with you because I felt so BOHO and cute wearing it.  This sweater dress is so soft and kinda sexy.  How?  Well it has a deep V in the back.  Not to mention it is so soft!
Now this dress can easily go from cute to frumpy in 2.0 seconds.  So to keep it looking good I added my moto jacket and a cute scarf to draw your eye up.  Due to the length of the dress (tall girl probs) I have to wear leggings with it (um it’s also 30 degrees).  To me the leggings balance this dress.  I also see some cute stockings like these with this dress when it’s in the 60’s.
Let’s take a moment and pay homage to these booties!  I LURV them!  They took about a 1/2 second to break in and are beyond comfortable!  I wore them 3 days in a row and my feet weren’t screaming at me!  They were my ‘splurge’ item this year.  However they technically weren’t a splurge because I did a blog post about them and earned credit to purchase them through the company.  (If you blog network and you can get store credit or product to review for companies).  These booties are suede, have a 3 inch heel, and come up perfectly over your pants!  I have worn them with leggings, and jeans.  The color goes with so much.  All in all a very versatile bootie!
So many bloggers share their cute little puppies.  Well I decided since I was shooting in my closet room to let you see my cute big puppy.  This is Poopaw and my boy.  He follows me everywhere.  I can see when he looks at me that there is unconditional love.  He likes his dad alright but when mom is home he is so excited!  Not shown is my girl Dolly, she is a daddy’s girl all day long.
The moto is old and hard to find something similar, The scarf was hand made.
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