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A “Spring” in my step

I love spring!  It’s like being reborn.  My husband and I venture outside on a warm day feeling the sun on our faces without our face freezing.  We clean up the yard and get pots ready for planting.   Discussions of our garden begin and what we want to do differently than last year.
I pull out cute clothing and hope they still fit.  Bright colors and fun prints are back in my wardrobe.  I get so excited for the change of season and can’t wait for the sun to set later and later.  My summer shoes come out and I assess if they will last another season.  I analyze my wardrobe for my current style and make lists of what I might like in the coming months.  It’s all about planning ladies!
This spring I am determined to loose those nasty 15lbs that I haven’t had time to focus on.  I will set goals for my next stage of life, because I graduate this May!  All the things I have put on the back burner because of work and school will be pushed to the front and I will do things that make me happy instead of taking care of everything and everyone but me.
Spring 2016 will be amazing, and it all started this past weekend with a 60 degree day.  I will get more and more excited about life as the temperature goes up!

This whole outfit is a hodge podge from different stores from a while ago.
So I thought I would link some Spring items I am loving!!  Enjoy
(under $50)