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God’s Plan

I don’t normally get too personal on my blog, but I wanted to share something that has happened in my family to help bring awareness.  My older sister landed wrong while doing a flip on a trampoline and injured her C4 and C5 vertebra.  She had 2 surgeries on her spine (one through her back the other through her chest).  Right now she is paralyzed from her shoulders down.  They are giving her a 7% chance of recovery.
Where this is hard enough to comprehend she has 2 young boys (10 and 7).  As a stay at home mom she was so busy.  Between keeping up her home from boys and dogs, she kept a very active calendar for them.  Both boys are in Taekwondo, the oldest has done amazing in competitions and is close to his black belt.  Both boys are in basketball, and other sports during seasons.  With the accident my brother-in-law (BIL) hasn’t been able to get them to practices because of his work schedule and having to put dinner on the table.  Life is very different for everyone.
I am sharing this story because I want everyone to be aware that at any moment your life can change drastically.  Sadly they don’t have long term care insurance.  However, they do have good health coverage that will help with some of the costs.  Main expenses that fall on their shoulder are renovating the home for a wheelchair, a handicap van, nurse help when she comes home (remember she can’t use her arms so everything is done for her).  My BIL is working so hard to fulfill both roles.  In a recent visit, I was so happy to see my Sister married a strong man who has put the family first and working so hard to do it all.
All we can do is trust in God’s plan and pray for recovery of her arm movement.
If you would like to help please paypal funds to (Friends and Family).
Also, please look at your own insurance coverage and see if LTC is something you can add.
Thank you!