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Weekend Chic

I saw this sweater on another blog and they raved about how soft it was.  So I ordered it (before the mark down).  OMG it’s the best purchase I made this winter!  It’s so comfortable and goes with so much!  I have worn it with leggings and jeans.  I may or may not have worn it twice in one week also.
I tend to perspire no matter what I am doing, so I tend to look for tops that aren’t close to my armpit.  I love how this sweater is loose in that area and when I get a little warm I know I won’t have to worry about my sweater getting dirty.  Sorry if that’s TMI.
Well NC got another round of winter mix.  At around 8pm it started to snow, then switched to sleet.  Which totally bummed me out when I woke up at 1am and saw nothing was accumulating.  I did stay home anyhow because ice is no joke to drive on.  With my new responsibilities I have the option to remote into work, which makes my life so much easier.

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