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It’s So Fluffy!!

I picked up this sweater in DC this last weekend!  I love it because it’s light weight and perfect for spring.  Not to mention the shoulders are fluffy. Reminds me of Despicable Me and the little girl won a unicorn stuffed animal. LOL
My bestie took these pics the other day for me.  I love girl time and getting crap off my chest.  Seriously having a girlfriend who loves the same things as you and can understand what you are going through is so important!  Check out her Amazing blog Girly Love.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that these wedges will make it another season!  I wish I bought more than one pair last year.  So cute and so comfortable!!!!  DSW has the best shoes.
Not sure why it surprised me but I got so many compliments on this outfit.  Everything from the color of your sweater looks so good on you, to you are so pretty.  Considering I have been having a hard time this week it was so nice to hear all the compliments.  Which reminds me that a simple nice comment to someone can really make their day better.  It is my mission to give more complements even if it is too a stranger!  Thank you to everyone who commented on my blog post yesterday and who emailed me!  The community that comes with blogging really are like family and make a girl feel loved!

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