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The closer April 15th comes the more I can’t wait for a reduced schedule at work!  It’s worse than Spring Fever!  The thought of working 4-4 1/2 day weeks get me over joyed.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my job, somewhat.  I am really good at it but as with most things in my life when I become really good at something I get bored with it and want to move on.  I have been thinking lately about my 10 year plan.  I am almost complete with phase 1.  Part of phase 2 & 3 is for me to open my own business.  I am excited to say Wednesday I will be watching a webinar to learn more about a certain type of business I want to start.  I will see if it is something I can do in phase 2 instead of waiting for phase 3.  I promise to keep you in the loop.
My blogger bestie and I met for pics again and boy was it windy.  We worked real hard to get some cute pictures but I wanted to share an ‘out take’.  The wind was blowing so much when I tried to pose my skirt would poof out.  This is me trying to control it while my hair goes wild.  I was just thankful for a beautiful day!  After all the rain Sunday I was so glad to see the sun again and feel warm temps.

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