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Life and It’s Trials

I wanted to share a personal update today.
Sometimes I don’t realize my life may seem crazy and stressful to others.  It’s my life and it’s not until I find I have trouble functioning that I realize I pushed too hard.  Somehow as the youngest of my family I became the “backbone” if you will.  I help with my mother who has Parkinson’s, Emotionally I support my Sister who is paralyzed, I am in college, Married, and Work for a CPA Tax Firm.  I keep my brother updated on family news as he lives overseas.  Now don’t get me wrong, NONE of these things are hard on me.  I wish I could be physically there for my sister more than I am currently able to but I love helping my family.  My mom and I have always been close so helping her in any way is never a burden.  Thank Goodness School will be complete in May!  Plus I did give up my part time job.  I work real hard to control and contain the many hats I wear.  Sometimes they get mixed and blended though.

For instance this past weekend I drove my mom and I up to Virginia for a family Baby Shower.  It was a beautiful shower and my cousins did an amazing job!  It was a long and hard weekend on me though.  Saturday we drove 3 hours to Richmond, VA where we visited with family and tried to rest for the next day’s event and travel.  Sunday we loaded the van with food and I drove 2 hours to DC, where we unloaded the food and set the room up for the party.  The party was so fun and it was great to see so many friends, but everyone asked about my sister.  Which normally doesn’t bother me but for some reason it did and it was all I could do not to cry.  Then we packed up the room, loaded it in the van and drove to my cousin’s house, where I walked 2 miles to my favorite store and did a little Therapy Shopping.  Then it was back in the car for a 2 hour drive.  Monday we had to be back in NC by 10am so I woke at 6am, got my mom up and we hit the road.  3 hours home, then to a meeting for my mom.  Finally I got home to find I was starving so out to brunch it was.  When I got back home and started to relax I realized how worn out I was.
I decided to call out from work on Tuesday because I just felt terrible.  Defeated, Depressed, Tired, and in general not ready to be around people.  Especially deal with their problems.
I share all this with you not to complain but to help bring awareness that Stress can be dangerous and if you don’t realize that it’s affecting you & stop you may have serious health issues.  Due to stress 3 years ago I found several health issues that caused a lot of scare and doctor visits.  Luckily it was controlled and is better.  Then last year with my husband’s collapsed lung I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure.  Believe me you don’t want High Blood Pressure.  If I miss my medication I can feel it.  I can’t focus and my head feels like it is going to explode.  Not from pain just from the pressure on my brain.  I have been working very hard lately to ensure I don’t end up with heart disease since it does run in my family.
I have been drinking Teami Teas and I can tell you they work!  First I started with Skinny, which made my appetite manageable and my metabolism speed up.  Next I got Colon, trust me you don’t want to drink more than 1 cup!  Finally I am on Alive during the day to give me energy and help me focus.  Combined with healthy eating and soon to follow exercise.
I know this is a long blog post but I wanted to share my life with you some in hopes that you won’t feel alone when the world is closing in on you!
Thank you for reading.