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Olive Juice

I saw this dress on another blog and loved that it had short sleeves.  It was suggested to size down so I ordered a Medium.  I kinda wish I went with a Small, bit it is ok.  Just a little loose.  Boy this dress is soft and super comfortable though!  I so seeing myself wearing it more than once a week.
Speaking of week….I survived the first deadline (March 15)!  Oddly I am not swamped at work.  However because of the current environment I really don’t want to go in.  I have contemplated calling out, but then I am a good employee and I will go in and take the abuse.  UGH I sound like a battered women.  I deserve to be degraded and talked down to by old people who are usually wrong about what they say.  Sorry but as my husband says “Younger, Quicker, Stronger”.  Yeah Yeah I know there will be a day when I am the older person, hell my receptionist is 12 years younger than me.  Guess I am in my prime right now.  I will try to remember this and as I get older realize that sometimes the younger person may be wiser in certain situations.  Ok, enough of that.

When I saw how perfect the green of this dress was I thought of that movie “….something….sister” where a woman said in a very low voice “Olive Juice” and her man across the room thought she mouthed “I Love You”.  So cute.  If you know the movie I am talking about please remind me of the name.  It had a mentally challenged woman who met and fell in love with a boy and her family tried to adjust.  Totally a sob story but in a happy way.  So anyhow, this green.  Kinda a military green but like in a girly way.  Not to mention it has slits on both sides (which I tied a knot on one).  So adorable and cute for Spring!!!

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